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Scientists from Boston have patented the first anti-wrinkles cream Lefery Active Cell Regeneration which regenerates the skin on the cell level. Effects of the Lefery anti-aging treatment can be compared to the results acquired by the Botox injection or hyaluronic acid. Groundbreaking effectiveness of the Lefery cream is thanks to the micro particles of humectants and emollients – for the first time used in the anti-wrinkle cream.

  • Natural ingredients friendly for the skin
  • Anti-aging of the skin on the cell level
  • Elimination and decreasing the wrinkles in 4 weeks
  • Lightening of pigmentations and skin imperfections.


Micro particles of hyaluronic acid, collagen, d-panthenol, borage oil and avocado oil.

How to apply:

Lefery cream has to be applied daily in the morning on the thoroughly cleansed skin of face and cleavage. The cream should be gently pat to the skin with the fingertips. The capacity of the cream is 50 ml.


Lefery cream was reviewed by 74 people, grade 4.0 out of 5